The Savi Solution For The

Convenience Store

A Solution for the savvy owner and operator

The dynamic of running convenience stores is growing ever more complicated.The value consumers place on convenience and quality is as important as it’s ever been. Which has led to great opportunities in your stores.

With this new opportunity comes an increased need for analytics and understanding of customer behaviors and trends in your stores, as well as the continued process of managing loss and theft.

What's on your mind

The New Frontier

There are numerous new trends and changes happening in the industry, with every new implementation the question is always asked, did it have the desired effect?

Couple this with the ever-present needs of loss prevention, employee management, and liability protection. Tackle these multiple problems in one platform with cross-departmental utilization.

How we'll help

Our Savi Solution

Curb loss with video and audio audits of POS transactions, back door left open and other key events in minutes vs. hours. Automatically gather data on customer conversion from pump to in-store, directional mapping, customer movement trends, demographic breakdown and other key insights. All available in real time, anywhere through Savi’s secure cloud-based platform.

  • Transaction-based video audits
  • Customer traffic for staffing optimization
  • Conversion rate from pump to store
  • Customer movement trends within the store
  • New vs returning customers
  • Demographic breakdowns
  • Cooler temperature monitoring
  • Centralized HVAC control
  • Control access to sensitive areas

The bottom line

Decrease loss and shrinkage
Improve overall efficiency
Have the data to provide answers to key questions
Decrease strain on IT Department
Increase overall profitability