Understanding Police Response

The security of your business is important, and when a break-in happens, time is of the essence! You want to be notified quickly and you want the authorities to be notified quickly so that they can handle the emergency and minimize loss. Your local police are busy responding to calls and alarms and they’re patrolling streets and neighborhoods to keep you safe. Their time is very important, and needs to be thoughtfully managed. Police get many false alarms which can be a huge drain on their time and resources so they put policies in place to help manage this issue.

Get to the Top of Police Response Priority

Police stations assign different priorities to the calls and alarms they receive based on the urgency, severity, and verifiability of the issue. If they are notified by your security system of a break-in in progress while you’re not there, the urgency with which they respond will be based on your ability to verify the event. Some police departments will not respond to unverified alarms at all. If you are at your facility you can confirm the reality of the break-in to move you to top priority because you are there to witness it. If you are not at your facility, you can get top priority by confirming the break-in via your video or audio surveillance system.

Video Surveillance Is a Win-Win

In addition to helping you get top priority response from police, high-definition video surveillance helps business owners and police identify culprits.

How Savi Does It Best

At Savi, we have the solutions you need to ensure a speedy police response. With 24 hour video surveillance streaming directly to your phone, tablet or computer, you can have peace of mind knowing you can get priority police response even when you are away. Get started today by contacting us for a custom solution for you business or home.


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