Rekeying frustrations?

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It’s a problem all retail operators deal with at one point or another. An employee is let go or leaves your store and you don’t get the key back, leaving you with a dilemma. Is it worth spending all the time, money, and energy of rekeying your whole location to prevent this one ex-employee’s access? We know there can be a good amount of deliberation that goes into this question. Trying to determine if the person left on good terms, what the likelihood of them attempting to re-enter is. And it makes sense that these discussions happen. Rekeying is such a big hassle you want to make every effort to avoid it.

Getting your site rekeyed can cost anywhere from $200-500 each time and unfortunately you’ll likely have to do it more than once. Research shows that on average locations will spend around $800 a year on rekeying costs! Retailers with 50 locations who rekeys twice a year will spend $40,000 a year! Add onto that the time and resources you spend on the whole process. You need someone to arrange for a locksmith to come, supervise the locksmith while they’re there, and check off on everything before they leave. You need someone to collect all the old keys and distribute the new ones. It’s one of those problems that can seem harmless but over time chips away at that coveted bottom line, often times leaving a bigger dent than you realize.

When it comes down to it, the decision to rekey or not has no real great solution. You either spend the money, time and resources to rekey or you decide to live with the risk. You’re left thinking that that there has to be a better way. I mean it’s 2018 after all. Savi has a solution providing wireless, keyless access control giving you real time regulation of who can enter your business at all times. The second someone leaves your organization you have the ability to take them out of your system, blocking any future entry. Saving you money, time, and of course the headache. All this being only one click away! Let Savi help you save $1,600 a year in cost and a lot less headaches in solving your rekeying needs. -Savi Team   “More insights, less pain”

“Rekeying a store is expensive and keys are frustrating to manage. In a digital world, the ability to manage systems from your phone is a must. Savi solved all these issues.” -Jp Dalton / Director of Operations – Four Food Groups



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