The Savi Solution

Food & Beverage

A Solution for the savvy owner and operator

Whether your an owner of 12 grab-and-go food joints in Denver, or operating hundreds of locations across the country, you have a full plate. Among the things you’ve got on your mind is insuring the quality of the customer experience, preventing loss, controlling costs, and recognizing employees hard work.  It’s time you get the benefit out of the systems you already have in place.   Let Savi transform how you utilize your video & POS to help achieve all these objectives saving significant time and drastically adding to the bottom line!

What's on your mind

Finally Get the Use Out of Your VMS That You Intended

Currently, you struggle with being in the know at each location.  Am I under staffed? Am I over staffed? What are the wait-times? What is the customer experience like currently? Are my employees adequtely trained? On top of the all this, there is the ongoing struggle of decreasing internal loss and theft to control slim margins.

No one has time to review hours and hours of video in an effecient way.  What do you do and where do you start?? How can you better utilize your current video & POS systems? What possible additional equipment do you need? 

How we'll help

Our business solution

With Savi, we can integrate with your current system or install new hardware taking care of the basics of security, surveillance and controlling employee access. We then connect into your POS where we can leverage all these systems to gather and display data to provide real-time insight into each location from anywhere in the world in an easy-to-use analytics dashboard.  Exceptions? Savi has you covered. No more spending hours on end reviewing video, Savi dashboard identifies and displays those transactions leading to theft and ties the receipt to audio and video!

Allowing you more time to focus on growing your business.

We become your partner to help you have more time for what matters and increase overall profitability.

Be in the know
Increase operational efficiency
Catch and prevent theft
Adopt best practices
Increase training effectiveness
Access anywhere, anytime, any device