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A Solution for the savvy owner and operator

Whether you’re operating 10 stores or 300+ you know better than anyone how quickly the retail space is changing, but you also know how big the opportunity can be. Let us help give you the insight and data you need, in an easy to use interface, that makes operating your business more efficient and profitable. Whether through integrating with your current system or getting you setup from the start, Savi has the solution.

What's on your mind

Finally Get the Use Out of Your VMS That You Intended

The dynamic of today’s shopper is changing. They demand an experience, convenience, and value. You are inundated with new strategies and ideas weekly, if not daily.

How can you know which ones are working, how are they affecting your key performance indicators, and are you getting the whole story? On top of that, you are ever working on protecting your margin by controlling costs and preventing loss.  Where do you start? Where do you find the time to review hours of video?

How we'll help

Our Savi Solution

With Savi, we can integrate with your current system or install new hardware taking care of the basics of security, surveillance and controlling employee access. We then connect into your POS where we can leverage all these systems to gather and display data to provide real-time insight into each location from anywhere in the world in an easy-to-use analytics dashboard.  Exceptions? Savi has you covered. No more spending hours on end reviewing video, Savi dashboard identifies and displays those transactions leading to theft and ties the receipt to audio and video!

  • Voids
  • Register Opening Without Transaction
  • Discounts
  • Refunds
  • Unusual Amounts
  • Loyalty Programs
  • Employee Training
  • And more
Analytics Dashboard

Have access to those metrics that matter most:


Wait Times


Conversion Rates


Average Ticket Value


Sales & Customer Service Training


Customer Traffic


And more...

Save time and money

Save time and money with a solution that meets multiple needs of multiple departments in a single easy to use platform.