Rekeying frustrations? Savi has a solution!

  Rekeying frustrations? Savi has a solution! It’s a problem all retail operators deal with at one point or another. An employee is let go or leaves your store and you don’t get the key back, leaving you with a dilemma. Is it worth spending all the time, money, and energy of rekeying your whole location to prevent this one…
Brock Weeks
May 25, 2018

Getting Top Police Priority

Understanding Police Response The security of your business is important, and when a break-in happens, time is of the essence! You want to be notified quickly and you want the authorities to be notified quickly so that they can handle the emergency and minimize loss. Your local police are busy responding to calls and alarms and they’re patrolling streets and…
Brock Weeks
June 8, 2017

A new location

We've got a new office up and running, and we are proud to set up our roots in Utah. If you're ever in the neighborhood, we'd love for you to stop on by. Our office information and hours can be found on our contact page. More pictures coming soon.
Brock Weeks
October 12, 2016