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Business Intelligence

Business is complicated. Analytics makes it easier. Measure the performance of key operational indicators including foot traffic, wait-times, and conversion rates.


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Video Management

Access from anywhere, any device, and any time live and recorded video & audio for all your locations in one place.


Identify Theft

Smart Audits

Customizable autogenerated clips through integration with POS system that tie the receipt to video & audio to make sure you spend time reviewing those activities that lead most to theft.


Protect your a$$ets

Smart Security

Centrally manage your locations security and alerting systems. Gain real-time alerts around safe openings, backdoor left open, freezer temperature sensors, and other unexpected activities.

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The Brands We Serve

“I can sit at the airport in Texas and watch the sales process live at my stores in Vegas. Keeps me in my stores without having to be there, while helping provide key performance data.”

Sean KressCEO, My Peak Wireless

“Easy and intuitive mobile control of cameras, alarms, and remote access. Granular management to grant access to our teams based on responsibility and brand.”

Jp DaltonDirector of Operations, Four Food Groups

“We’ve eliminated the headache of rekeying our stores, with the added benefit of everything being tracked. The efficiency of having everything in one place can’t be understated.”

Jude KourdieCEO, My Spot Wireless

“On top of everything else its been key in helping us cut into our loss prevention. After implementation of the system, we discovered thousands of dollars in theft. It’s already paid for itself. ”

Travis TimothyTTTB Investments DBA Fiiz Drinks

“We love working with SAVI because they bring together in one what were otherwise disparate systems for us. All their tools and features help us stay ahead of potential problems.”

David BoardmanCEO & Founder, Devco Foods

Our awesome core features

Cloud based

Our software allows you and your team to control access, data privilege, and user-based permissions from any device, anywhere.


Our bank-grade security platform ensures the integrity of your network. Your security is our priority.


Consolidate vendors and have access to surveillance, alarm, video-management, audits, and analytics all under one software roof.

POS Data Integration

We’ve integrated with POS partners, customer counting devices, and the other hardware to consolidate and deliver key data on one platform.

The numbers don’t lie


Total shrinkage attributed to employee theft ~ NRSS


Profit improvement by companies using analytics ~ McKinsey & Company.


Average annual revenue operators lose to employee theft ~ National Restaurant Assoc.

13:1 ROI

The average return of money spent on analytic solutions ~ Nucleus Research


Average cost per employee theft incident ~ Time

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