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We help you quickly identify behaviors causing loss and those driving profits, so you can take action.

What We Do

A c-store solution for the savvy owner and operator that takes all the guesswork out of management.

The dynamic of running convenience stores is growing ever more complicated.The value consumers place on convenience and quality is as important as it’s ever been. Which has led to great opportunities in your stores. With this new opportunity comes an increased need for analytics and understanding of customer behaviors and trends in your stores, as well as the continued process of managing loss and theft.

Real Time Data

Quickly identify high and low performers with real-time data visualizations of results that anyone can understand.

Audio and Video

Identify the behaviors driving results through video and audio of in-store transactions and events, so you can replicate the good and eliminate the bad.

High Risk Audits

Become proactive with customized video audits of high risk transactions and events.

Cloud safe

Store your data in the cloud so it’s always available and secure. You never have to worry about it.


You shouldn’t have to struggle to know what is happening at your locations.

Tired of scratching your head and wondering what is happening in your stores and why there are such variances in performance between locations?  Have you asked what is causing this store to have a X% higher ATV than everyone else?  Are these safe loans, voids and refunds valid?  Are we appropriately staffed and  a myriad of other questions, that are difficult and time consuming to research and validate.  You can get frustrated, or get Savi’s insight analytics platform that allows you to understand the behaviors driving results in your locations, so you can eliminate the bad and replicate the good.

Savi’s Insight Analytics Platform

What will gaining insight do for your business and team?


Add hours back to your managements’ week


Reduce Voids, No Sales, Manual age Verifications, Refunds and other loss driving behaviors adding thousands back to the bottom line


No longer be left without evidence, your video is backed up securely offsite, free from tampering


Easily identify and praise top performers, retaining your most productive team members


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