Support and Service


Savi’s Support and Service policy outlines our support procedures, policies, and costs associated with Savi Software Platform.  Savi’s Support team can be reached by the following communication methods.


Email:     Phone #: 844.543.8728


  1. Support & Service
    • Tier 1 Support is designed to identify and solve those problems that can be solved without the need for Savi Remote Technicians remotely accessing Customer’s hardware. These activities will be performed by Customer accessing Savi’s Customer Support Knowledgebase or by telephone support from Savi’s Support personnel.
      • Tier 1 Support Issues include but are not limited to:
        • Verify Power
        • Verify Internet Connection
        • Power recycle of the system
        • Verify cameras and other devices haven’t been tampered with and are in their original installed position
        • Verify no ports, IP addresses or firewalls have been changed
        • Reset password
        • Provide training and assistance on the use of Savi’s Software Platform.
      • Tier 2 Support is designed to identify and solve those problems that Tier 1 does not resolve.
        • Typically requires a Savi Technician to remotely access hardware at Customer’s location(s).
        • Will be coordinated with Customer and Savi’s Support Team.
        • Tier 2 support includes but are not limited to:
          • Remote diagnosis and remedy NVR
          • Remote diagnosis and remedy for cameras
          • Remote diagnosis and remedy for alarm equipment
        • Tier 2 support does not include:
          • customer network configuration
          • diagnosis and remedies for equipment not provided by Savi
        • Tier 3 Support is designed to identify and solve problems that Tier 1 and Tier 2 support did not resolve.
          • Tier 3 support can include dispatching a Savi Certified technician onsite.
          • Tier 3 support can be requested by either telephone or email by the Customer and must contain the following information:
            • Customer Name
            • Site Address
            • Site Contact Person and information
            • Customer Authorization to perform the work
  1. Customer Responsibility
    • Customer may be asked to do one or more of the following to help assist in Savi’s Support service:
      • Power cycle NVR’s, IQ’s and other hardware
      • Check Internet settings such as ports and IP addresses
      • Accept shipment of replacement parts
      • Ship replaced parts back to Savi.
  1. Prices and Payments for Savi Support
    • Tier 1 and Tier 2 support are included in the Customer’s subscription costs.
    • Tier 3 support will be charged in one of the two following options:
      • Option 1– Enrollment in Savi’s Support Service Plan
        • Enrollment in this plan is billed per month, per location and will be outlined on the Customer’s SaaS Agreement
        • Enrollment in this plan includes the following:
          • Up to four site visits per calendar year per location for Tier 3 support at no additional cost outside of the monthly Service Plan fee listed on the Customer’s SaaS Services Agreement
        • Option 2– Fee-based Plan
          • For each Tier 3 request requiring an onsite truck roll, a fee of $110 will be charged per service visit to diagnose the issue or up to 1 hour of labor onsite. Each additional hour to be billed at $95hr.
        • Additional fees will be charged for any material required to remedy an issue not caused by normal wear and tear of the installed devices and covered under the hardware manufactures warranty.