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FiiZ Franchisee Has “Mind-Blowing” Savings With Savi’s Loss Prevention Solution

“I strongly recommend Savi and have loved working with their team.
It’s been key in helping us cut into our loss and add to the bottom line.”

Loss Prevention Challenge:

FiiZ drinks-Your local stop for treats, specialty drinks, & Italian sodas-was suffering significant loss due to employee theft at their franchise locations.  They had no way to know for sure but the numbers were hard to ignore.

“We were fairly sure, based upon the data, that we had some form of employee theft at our different locations.  What surprised us was how significant it really was.” Says Travis Timothy, Owner/Operator of TTB Investments, dba FiiZ Drinks.

FiiZ set out to figure a way to better manage their business and get a grasp on what was happening.  They needed a partner that would help coach them as well as a solution that wouldn’t lead to hours and hours of meaningless film study. Other operators had mentioned how difficult this problem was to solve in an efficient and cost-effective way.

The Savi Solution:

FiiZ meets Savi, a SaaS company that is helping operators be one click away from their locations. Their cloud-based platform both controls and gathers data through video and other connected devices leading to data driven decisions, efficient employee training, and loss prevention. Their mission is, “More insights, less pain.”

“After implementation of the Savi system, we easily discovered thousands of dollars in theft.  It’s already paid for itself.”  says Timothy.

With the help of Savi’s automated audit system based upon customizable audit criteria FiiZ was able to easily identify theft through voids, loyalty programs, and stolen product in an efficient and cost-effective way.

Gone are the days of watching countless hours of video.  Savi identifies those points of concern and clips them with audio & video making it easy to review and identify theft.

Operational Efficiency:

In addition to loss prevention, FiiZ wanted to help their mangers make better data-driven decisions. So on top of helping with loss prevention Savi is also helping with gathering wait time data, conversion rates, among many other significant data points all leading to more revenue and an improved operation.

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