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Franchisee for Scooter’s Coffee catches over $3500 in internal theft in the first 90 days of using Savi’s Insight Analytics Platform.

“Savi is eliminating over $1000 in monthly loss. These types of problems historically would slip through the cracks. With Savi, not only was it easy for us to catch bad actors, the Smart Audits feature gave us the ability to prevent things like this from happening in the future. This system pays for itself.”

Craig Schroeder – Scooters Coffee Franchisee


Craig Schroeder is a multi-unit franchisee of Scooter’s Coffee, a drive-thru specialty coffee chain with the brand promise: “Amazing people, amazing drinks…amazingly fast!”


Craig noticed his discounts as a % of sales were increasing, but his data suggested in was related to Loyalty Discounts and could be attributed to an increasingly loyal customer base. Craig and his team turned to Savi for an easy way to to validate their assumptions and understand what was going on at the store level.


Craig was one of the first franchisee’s of Scooter’s to deploy Savi’s Insights platform that combined POS data with surveillance video and made it searchable in the cloud. When Craig turned the system on, Savi’s loss prevention dashboards instantly surfaced two employees as high risk, and Savi’s event search instantly pulled up those employee’s transactions. Craig easily confirmed they were abusing the company’s loyalty program. In the first 90 days of using Savi, Craig was able to save 1.41% of gross sales in illegitimate food and merchandise redemptions to add back to his bottom line.

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