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Swig increases drive-thru speed by 7-10% with Savi’s Drive-Thru Analytics

“Last month we had our fastest drive-thru speeds ever. Savi’s drive-thru analytics have helped Swig get ground-breaking insights without breaking ground at any of our sites. Savi gives us the tools to track and improve a key company-wide KPI. This is important enough for us to require every franchise unit to have it.

Chase Wardrop – COO, Swig


Swig, home of the Original Dirty Soda™, got its start in 2010 in St. George, Utah and has 54 locations across 5 states. Swig just announced 250 new franchise locations in 2024.


Swig’s existing drive-thru loop timer didn’t allow them to accurately track performance, hold teams accountable, or improve guest experience. Installing drive-thru loop timer systems at each new location was estimated to cost $4000-6000 per site.


Swig switched to Savi’s Drive-Thru Analytics to be able to accurately track drive-thru speeds, audit drive-thru transactions, and train and hold teams accountable. After implementing Savi, Swig saw a 7-10% increase in drive-thru service speeds across every location in the first 90 days, and Swig estimates they will save $1.1M in loop system costs for their franchisees next year alone by switching to Savi.

To learn more about Savi’s Drive-Thru Analytics schedule a demo below!

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