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Savi Helps Teriyaki Grill Manage Multiple Locations All In An Easy-To-Use Video Management Dashboard

Teriyaki Grill has opened it’s 8th location in Layton, UT right off the Layton Pkwy exit and has had an incredible opening month! It was great for Savi to be part of the grand opening and be partnered with this great franchise in helping them manage their multiple locations all-in-one dashboard.

Teriyaki Grill was founded by owner Mike Kleim who started his first Teriyaki Grill in 1997. Savi now helps Teriyaki Grill manage their locations in one easy-to-use dashboard making their video accessible from anywhere and on any device.

“My past video worked slowly and was unreliable and I wasn’t getting the functinality out of it I needed to manage multiple locations. It was time for a change.”

Savi helps a number of restaurants, retail, and c-store locations finally get the use out of their surveillance system that was intended. Whether it’s with a complete new install or integrating with current equipment the Savi cloud-based platform brings the video into one location thats easily manageable, reliable, and accessible from anywhere allowing operators to focus on what matters most, not if their VMS is working properly. They can also create favorite views so they can see all registers, wait-times, etc. from all locations on one screen. Making it easy to see in a glance what’s happening across multiple locations.

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