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Keep It Real: Why Data Visualization Tools Matter In Your Surveillance Strategy

Once you start using data visualization tools for business, you’ll wonder how you managed to run an effective operation without them. Data visualization software renders information in visual formats, including graphs, charts, diagrams, and tables, simplifying the interpretation of business and employee performance figures at scale. It ensures accurate analytics and significantly reduces the time spent capturing, formatting, analyzing, and interpreting vast amounts of daily business records, statistics, and documents.

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With meaningful and relevant real-time data at your fingertips, you gain noteworthy insights into your business operations. From nationwide business performance to individual employees and products, you can monitor everything. This not only helps you make strategic financial and operational decisions but is also key in fraud prevention.

However, to simplify and optimize your surveillance strategy, you can’t rely on just any data visualization tools. Savi provides different dashboards that integrate with video, POS, and service-time data. In this guide, we’ll discover how different dashboards leverage the power of analytics for pattern identification, increased efficiency, and increased profits.

Why Dashboards and Data Visualization Matter

A data visualization dashboard manages information by tracking and collecting data points significant to your business. Dashboards then display a consolidated view of all data from across your operations. This poses numerous benefits no matter your industry.

Identifying Useful Data

Considering the magnitude of data generated daily, it’s challenging to stay on top of reports and records. On top of that, you have to deal with the confusing task of deciphering which data points are the most strategic for decision-making.

Data visualization tools keep track of every data point automatically. They then visualize this information for better understanding and analysis. By displaying graphs, tables, charts, and metrics on a single page, dashboards allow decision-makers to review noteworthy amounts of valuable information instantly. This makes it easy to identify trends, evaluate campaign successes, refine company processes, and spot irregularities as they happen.

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Data dashboards allow you to customize displayed parameters so that visible information is 100% relevant to the needs of your operation. Decision-makers can thus view the most important information without wasting time digging through irrelevant files.

Fast and Simplified Reporting

Manual data preparation is tedious, prone to human error, and often results in outdated data. Additionally, statistics aren’t always presented in a digestible way with actionable insights.

An analytics dashboard that displays real-time information saves you time by providing the on-demand material required for report preparations. It also ensures that every element is accurate and current.

Universal Accessibility in Real Time

Since cloud-based analytics dashboards don’t require local hardware installation, deployment is faster, and you eliminate costly downtime. Cloud-based dashboards enable users to view the information in real-time from any authorized internet-enabled device universally. This means that decision-makers can always remain up-to-date and on the same page, regardless of location. Additionally, organizations benefit from advanced security by eliminating the chances of unauthorized on-site access.

Customized Accessibility

To maintain the balance between accessibility and safety, you can categorize data access into various levels. This allows you to assign various departments or employees access to relevant information without giving them insight into higher-level data points.

Savi Sales Dashboards

Many businesses simply use their POS system reports for sales data analysis. Although this can be useful, it’s time-consuming to interpret and evaluate. The reports don’t allow you to combine data from different sources and require extensive processing before performing results comparisons.

In contrast, Savi lets you see sales data on demand in an easy-to-understand format. The data visualization tools do all the work for you. This lets you instantly spot trends, check campaign progress, and identify top sales staff and underperformers.

With all the statistics you need, you can analyze more data in less time and make timely decisions when it matters most. You can easily share your insights with colleagues and export instant reports in various formats.

Data Visualization Tools: Loss Prevention/Voids/Refunds and Discounts

Savi’s Loss Prevention Dashboard lets you view the dollar amount of discounts, voids, and refunds. View data specifics by date, location, and employee; the data-rich dashboard allows you to easily identify top-risk locations and questionable employee behavior, and instantly see what percentage of sales are attributed to discounts, voids, or refunds. Not only does this help to identify problems as soon as they arise, but also ensures that accurate, concrete figures back up every decision.

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Drive-Thru Dashboard

Savi’s Drive-Thru Dashboard connects with AI cameras to detect when vehicles enter and exit a specific area. The automatic monitoring and analyzing of data lets businesses track vehicle counts and service times. Savi’s data visualization tools then interpret these metrics to compare the average vehicle count and wait time. These statistics allow businesses to strategically staff locations according to location activity and peak periods.

With cloud-based video surveillance software, business managers can access real-time footage across all locations at any time from any connected device.

Simplify Your Surveillance Strategy With On-Point Data Visualization Tools

With today’s technological advancements, competition has become rife. Not using data in your business decision-making and forecasting strategy can cost you dearly. Additionally, businesses now have access to data visualization tools that not only allow them to manage a magnitude of data effortlessly but that provide an excellent fraud-prevention framework.

Savi Solutions’ all-in-one dashboard gives you access to relevant and accurate real-time data across your business locations. With audio and video surveillance of in-store operations, you can proactively identify high-risk transactions, low performers, and behaviors that are driving results.

Savi’s leading-edge data visualization tools help you save time, decrease losses, and increase profits. Get in touch for a free demo today.

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