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Operational Efficiency 101: 4 Ways That Integrated Surveillance Software Streamlines Daily Analytics

Most businesses already understand how valuable video surveillance is for loss prevention. That said, they may not know all the other advantages a surveillance system offers besides basic monitoring. You can use video analytics to strengthen operational efficiency with the right customization. This is how business intelligence reduces waste while improving profitability.

Integrated surveillance with a real-time data analytics and visualization tool makes video data available to your people when and where they need it. Such a system also helps enhance the customer experience and tighten operations at various locations. Further, it integrates video surveillance with business analytics to deliver unprecedented insights from surveillance data.

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1. Unifying Your Surveillance Data for Operational Efficiency

A typical retail business or fast-food franchise may have multiple locations and staff members, all needing their own levels of access to surveillance video. A conventional CCTV tool doesn’t have the necessary functionality for such situations. However, with a central system, it’s possible to enable access to this data from anywhere while streamlining workflows and improving operational efficiency.

Savi’s integrated surveillance software unifies data in the cloud. It simplifies the use of surveillance data from multiple physical locations. You can see and hear what’s going on from anywhere—reinforcing constructive employee behavior while discouraging less-desirable activities.

With analysis and reporting from Savi, you can take advantage of surveillance data to understand performance at any location. The system also alerts you to high-risk transactions, letting you jump on problems before they get out of control.

Further, unifying your surveillance data helps reveal patterns at the macro level. For instance, it’s easy to identify which stores and employees are over- or under-performing. You can also investigate the reasons for these variations with dashboards, audio and video, and detailed statistics.

Savi saves you time as well as money. For example, watching or analyzing surveillance videos is more straightforward. Further, you can pick up a higher percentage of situations resulting in losses. Storing video data in the cloud also ensures you’ll have accurate and easily accessible evidence—if or when necessary.

2. Enhance Customer Experience Through Business Intelligence

With data from a smart video surveillance system at your fingertips, you’ll respond better to customer needs. As the video analytics output includes key business intelligence relating to sales and operational efficiency, you can determine which processes are working and invest more heavily in those.

For example, if you have an employee who consistently rings up more sales than average, business intelligence will make that visible. Modeling other employees’ behavior on this individual will increase the factors contributing to a positive customer experience.

Furthermore, you can correlate business intelligence from video surveillance with loss prevention measures and sales promotions or other events. Any notable associations will also provide information on what customers like or dislike.

Data-driven steps to heighten customer satisfaction might include cutting wait times, improving the quality of customer interactions, and ensuring you have enough employees attending to customers when you’re most busy.

3. Optimize Company Operations Using Real-Time Monitoring

A video surveillance system gives you useful information for advancing business operations management. This business intelligence includes data that can steer decisions on employee development, safety policies, maintenance procedures, and many other areas of activity.

One way to raise productivity is by monitoring employees. If you see that they regularly participate in non-work activities, you can redirect their efforts. In some cases, you may find that employees are not where they’re supposed to be during work hours.

When an employee steals company property or fails to register discounts and refunds—they’re sapping your resources. Real-time monitoring makes it possible to spot such problems and remedy them.

Even knowing a company uses real-time monitoring is enough to deter some offenses and encourage more productive behaviors. In addition, you’ll have the data to discriminate between the top performers and the shirkers, helping you to intervene and support better work habits.

Moreover, you’re armed to take preventive action if you see any risks to employees’ or customers’ health and well-being. Whether it’s an unsafe work environment, bullying, or any other incident, real-time monitoring gives you insight into the real situation. As a result, you can take the necessary steps, ultimately maximizing operational efficiency and your bottom line.

4. Integrate Video Surveillance with Business Analytics

Upgrade your surveillance software to improve operational efficiency.
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Video analytics is part of the increasing focus on technology in business. This highlights the usefulness of combining video surveillance with business analytics.

Cameras can reveal previously unseen perspectives on your business, producing large amounts of data. At the same time, the tools available to store and move data have grown in capability. Today’s analytics technology can extract more value from data. And with Savi’s cloud platform, you’ll have access to a video management system and helpful dashboards. This includes loss prevention and event management features—plus behavioral analytics.

Using video surveillance in tandem with business analytics enhances decision-making and simplifies work for humans. In this way, Savi’s video surveillance tools will assist with business performance management. For managers already busy handling countless personnel issues, the right technology will save time and boost operational efficiency.

With Savi’s technology, you can integrate video surveillance with business analytics and other relevant functions at all your stores—even if they’re spread out over multiple states. As such, you can measure the efficiency of work tasks against benchmarks to improve performance.

Most surveillance video never gets assessed. Another advantage of using an intelligent service like Savi’s is incorporating automated technologies. This works via the video footage, finding indicators of unusual activity and gauging these against the usual activity. You can easily focus on a specific employee or situation at your locations and gather the objective evidence you need. For instance, to reward good performance or to determine the cause of losses.

Combining video surveillance with business analytics also assists with regulatory compliance. You can study the video data to ensure employees adhere to compliance policies. Furthermore, you’ll have evidence that has not been tampered with and is stored safely off-site.

Boost Operational Efficiency With Savi

Integrated surveillance systems put your video data within easy reach of everyone who needs it. In addition, you’ll be able to use the data to intelligently focus on upgrading the customer experience. Real-time monitoring also enhances business operations.

You can drive effective decision-making and operational efficiency by integrating video surveillance with business analytics. As a leading provider of integrated surveillance solutions, Savi is perfectly placed to get the most out of your video surveillance solution. For more information about how to make your video monitoring platform smarter, contact Savi today!

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