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3B Yoga Now Has A Way To Combat Theft And A System That Can Assist Well Beyond Just That!

“Owning an athletic-wear boutique that competes with online retailers is hard enough, throw theft of goods in there and it becomes that much harder. I don’t have time to sit in the corner and watch people all day. I need something watching over my store so I don’t have to. SAVI gives me peace of mind with easy streamlined mobile access, this allows me to focus on other aspects of the business”

Theft in the retail industry is a serious issue, and business owners cant always be onsite watching inventory. Remote video management is needed and most systems can be difficult and cumbersome.  It was no different for 3B Yoga. Locating moments for review easily and quickly on any device, including mobile, was not something their past system did efficiently. Events would happen and to find the appropriate video took way longer than it should and required them to be onsite. They were looking for something different, easy-to-use, clear video quality, and could be viewed from anywhere.

The Savi Solution
3B Yoga meets Savi, a SaaS company that is helping operators and business owners across all of North America with a video management solution that is both easy-to-use and effective in capturing what is needed most with video & audio.  Their mission is, “more insights, less pain.”

Since getting the Savi system and VMS software 3B Yoga has already seen the benefit in specific cases.  There have been multiple events that have occurred that needed review. “Not a week after putting in SAVI’s systems, I got a call from an employee who found several empty hangers on a rack. Theft! I was able to pull up my surveillance system from where I was and quickly find the culprit. We even had a time when I was reviewing footage to give to Police, and I switched over to live view and watched in real-time two people steal right in front of the camera!” Said, Nicole (Co-Owner of 3B Yoga)

3B Yoga now has a way to combat theft and a system that can assist beyond that. The owners can check in from where ever they are to ensure employees are working and the store is properly operational

“The investment has already paid for itself, I’m not sure how we functioned before getting SAVI.”

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