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Negril Decreases Loss, Enhances Employee Training, And Adds To The Bottom Line With Savi!

Being able to easily access certain types of voids, discounts, and refunds while being able to filter those by different criteria proved extremely beneficial in identifying theft and gave us a lot of comfort managing our locations.

Brian Chinn – Owner, Negril Eats


Negril was managing multiple locations and wanted the peace of mind and insights that comes as if they were consistently at each location.  Is theft happening? Are our employees sufficiently trained? How do we leverage our camera systems and POS to more adequately get information and save time from having to view hours on end of video?  They were looking for a solution that would answer these questions.

The Savi Solution

Negril meets Savi, a SaaS company that is helping operators and business owners be one-click-away from their locations and gain the insights they need.  Their mission is, “more insights, less pain.”

“The true benefit of Savi is that it has really helped us determine what are the best practices for employees at each store.  We run promotions which can have complicated transactions at the register and we now can audit these and double check to make sure it’s being done properly.  We can filter by transaction type, date, employee, and the list goes on.” Says, Brian China (Owner of Negril Eats)

In addition Savi had decreased theft and shed light on some negative employee practices.  “We saw certain transactions where employees were taking advantage of our system and we would have never have caught it if it weren’t for the video being tied to the receipt in an easy-to-use way.  Having these videos clipped for us for review and even sending alerts to us has really helped us identify these behaviors and address them.”

Negril now has a way to combat theft and aid in employee training and development.  All this leveraging systems they already had in place!

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