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Boost Productivity: Let Behavioral Analytics Highlight Top Performers and Reward Their Efforts

By implementing behavioral analytics, you can transform your operations, enhance staff performance, and boost your bottom line. It’s easier than you think.

Workplace behavioral analytics provide executives, managers, and HR teams with concrete insights to guide staffing and project-based decisions. Behavior analysis measures employee performance and identifies trends around work habits, motivation, expertise, and teamwork. When conducted holistically and consistently, performance measurement serves as a key competitive advantage by improving employee productivity and store operations.

Many companies, however, don’t have the time to conduct consistent, unbiased behavior assessments. While businesses do have in-store security cameras, point-of-sale (POS) records, and employee sales statistics, few manage to integrate these data points for a holistic overview of what makes top-performing employees successful.

Savi Solutions eliminates the need for manual tracking, time-intensive video footage searches, and data pairing. The video-integrated analytics platform automates all aspects of behavior analysis. It presents unbiased data-based insights to you in a comprehensive yet easy-to-understand dashboard. This way, you identify top-performing stores and employees and successful promotions. You can also address areas that need attention.

Here, we look at how you can transform your operations, enhance staff performance, and boost your bottom line with behavioral analytics. It’s easier than you think.

video-based behavioral analytics
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Video-Based Behavioral Analytics Improves Performance

To ensure company money is well spent, you want each team member to work as efficiently as possible. Savi’s video-based behavioral analytics solution monitors staff behavior and automatically flags any actions or behaviors pre-determined as unusual based on user-defined location and time parameters.

For instance, employee productivity analysis helps employers see when staff members spend a lot of time in parts of the store unrelated to their job description. While this is sometimes valid, consistent monitoring flags patterns allow employers to instantly view exact footage snippets without having to search through hours of video recordings.

In addition, Savi pairs video data of each transaction with sales results and receipts side-by-side. This enables you to:

  • Identify and reward positive employee behaviors
  • Identify areas and staff members that need additional training
  • Give substantiated warnings to unproductive employees
  • Provide conclusive proof of misbehavior if termination becomes necessary
  • Help employees who want to improve their performance with specific strategies
  • Identify sales tactics and behaviors that boost sales
  • Reduce employee issues and improve overall team productivity without a manager having to stand by

Fix Staffing Issues

At a time when many companies struggle to find adequately skilled staff, it’s important to focus on developing employee skills and performance. Video data from Savi helps you pinpoint skills gaps and staffing needs in several ways.


You can identify successful employee behaviors and use their sales data and footage to train others for success.

Staff Rosters

Savi video gives you insight into popular shopping hours. This lets you strategically compile staff shifts and rosters for busy times. For example, stores based in business hubs will likely be busy during the week, while stores in malls might be busier after hours and on weekends. Strategic staff placement can minimize unnecessary wage expenses and eliminate bottlenecks in busy times.

Staff Placement

Identify high-traffic areas in the store to ensure sales staff are strategically placed and present where they need to be.

Theft Prevention

Savi’s automated audit system helps you identify cleverly executed theft through voids, loyalty programs, and stolen goods without watching hours of video surveillance footage. The system automatically identifies points of concern and matches transactions with video and audio snippets for instant, on-point behavioral analytics.

Negril Eats, for example, manages several store locations with promotions that sometimes have complicated transactions. With Savi’s automated audit system, management can check that employees execute transactions correctly. They can even filter results by date, employee, and transaction type.

Through segmented video clips and automated alerts linked to transaction receipts, Negril Eats discovered some employees were taking advantage of its system. As a result, the restaurant significantly reduced theft it would never have noticed otherwise. That instantly boosted its bottom line.

Savi's theft prevention
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Manage Employees Better With Behavioral Analytics

Regardless of the size of your business, problem employees are unavoidable. They may display attendance issues or perform poorly at work. In serious cases, they can cost your business significant amounts of money. And the repercussions expand far beyond the employee’s behavior—it can also affect overall staff morale and your business reputation.

However, business managers don’t always have time to monitor employee behavior around the clock at every location. This means problematic behaviors often go unnoticed until it’s too late and damage is already done. Without concrete evidence of behavioral issues, dismissing problem employees can also result in an ugly legal complication.

That’s why an automated behavioral analytics tool is a vital partner in your employee management strategy.

Savi Solutions gives you insight into problems that may occur due to a lack of knowledge, which can be remedied with training and guidance. It also gives you insights into who’s clocking in and out and when. You’ll see whether employees are doing the work you’re paying them for.

With all this information at your fingertips in real-time—plus scorecards to rank employees—you can quickly nip problem behavior in the bud. Easily monitor risky employees and store areas with automated alerts. You can also obtain concrete evidence on-demand without spending hours of your time looking for the facts.

behavioral analytics
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Improve Performance Through Behavioral Analytics With Savi Solutions

Adding the right behavioral analytics solution to your management strategy empowers you to make objective, fact-based decisions to grow your business. Accurate insights help you monitor patterns over time to reveal strategic factors contributing to business gains and losses.

Savi Solutions’ video-based behavioral analytics dashboard gives you on-demand insights into business operations and employee behaviors anytime and anywhere. That means you can view data specifics by date, location, and employee and compare statistics in real time. The data-rich dashboard easily identifies top-risk locations and questionable behavior, and it highlights top performers.

The insights generated can enhance strategic staff training, influence workforce policies, reduce losses due to theft and poor performance, showcase smart sales strategies, and assist in staff shift scheduling. Get in touch with Savi today and make intelligent operational changes with data-driven insights.

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