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POS Data Management: 3 Ways To Support Your Business and Protect Your Growth

Restaurants and shops gather point-of-sale (POS) data during every transaction. The downside is that it can be difficult for store owners and managers to see what’s happening across various locations or franchises. This is where cloud video surveillance that integrates with your POS data can be a game-changer—helping you quickly collect reports without traveling between different sites.

Integrating POS data with security cameras offers business owners new information, improving awareness while driving profitability. As a result, it’s easy to find important data, generate reports, monitor transactions, and improve the overall customer experience.

Tools like Savi can integrate your system to provide complete POS data management remotely. Let’s find out how.

Connect POS Data With Video

POS data
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Savi lets you integrate POS data with video and audio, showing you the details of every in-store transaction. Not only can you generate reports, but you’ll also see real-time customer feedback and gain insights into buyer behavior via the POS data. Connecting POS data with video allows you a comprehensive overview of any situation, helping you to make better decisions.

Here are three ways to integrate POS data with video footage to improve your business.

Surveillance of Sales Transactions

Running a store is no easy task. You might have hired the best cashiers and accounting employees; however, small errors or irregularities can always creep in. Whether you own one outlet or dozens of them, cash flow depends on your employees’ accuracy and honesty.

Sometimes, staff might miss a transaction. Furthermore, there’s always a chance of theft. When you install a POS surveillance system, it’s easier to keep a keen eye on sales transactions—and employees.

In addition to preventing various errors, this also reduces opportunities for theft or fraud. Advanced reporting lets you see how a particular outlet is performing—profitable or running at a loss—without visiting the store itself.

Savi provides a state-of-the-art POS surveillance service that incorporates business intelligence, loss prevention, and more. This frees you up to concentrate on more important tasks. Moreover, Savi gives you all the benefits of a cloud service.

Standard video surveillance cameras aren’t foolproof. They can be tampered with, broken, or damaged. However, with video cloud surveillance services, your POS data is safely stored in the cloud—while you can view what’s happening on the ground.

Integrate POS Data and Savi With Your Other Systems

With Savi solutions, POS data can be integrated with many systems. Regardless of the data source, Savi can process it and deliver valuable insights.

Whether your business is retail, hospitality, or a convenience store, here’s how you can make smarter decisions and optimize day-to-day practices.

Workforce Solutions

Real-time POS data allows business owners to quickly identify their high and low performers using simple data visualization that’s easy to understand. This shows how your employees behave—and how active they are while working. As such, it also helps in making critical workforce adjustments.

With the help of video surveillance, you can forecast foot traffic and tailor your staff complement accordingly. Moreover, you’ll minimize overspending on labor and ensure sufficient employees at each location to attend to customers.

Store Optimization

Retail and hospitality businesses can connect POS data with Savi’s audio and video solutions to streamline workflows. This includes being able to identify in-store transaction events as well as customer and employee behavior. What’s more, you’ll gain insight into the spending habits of customers, be able to review their feedback, and isolate negative employee practices to improve performance and safety.

High-Risk Audits

Savi provides customized video audits of high-risk transactions and events, allowing you to look at any incident in-depth. This provides an objective overview—not to mention the necessary evidence and credibility to make effective judgment calls. Furthermore, this is a critical tool to prevent liability.

Analyze Important Data

POS Data
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Savi’s interactive, industry-specific, and user-friendly dashboard helps business owners better understand their sales data.

For instance, you can investigate the performance of various individuals, transactions, and store locations without being physically present. In short, it removes the stress of not knowing what happens in every store.

With Savi’s help, you can research and validate findings to optimize the in-store work process. For example, you can evaluate conversion rates per store, manage inventory, verify discounts, and more. In turn, these data solutions are used to reduce voids and track loss-driving behaviors. Moreover, this dynamic tool will help you filter out negative business practices.

Over and above these advantages, Savi uses custom algorithms to prevent fraud. For instance, the event search tool may be used to evaluate suspicious transactions. This means you can identify the type of fraud and determine who’s responsible.

Savi’s tech-savvy solution for business owners and operators does away with guesswork. In fact, with just one tool, you’ll be able to increase overall efficiency and save hundreds of thousands of dollars in theft.

Another important resource that Savi provides is the ability to measure data across all channels. As a result, you’ll be able to eliminate anomalies from your stores.

Maximize POS Data with Savi Solutions

A POS system is more than just a tool to process transactions. Nowadays, retailers and store owners can collect more information than ever. Many businesses are simply gathering POS data. However, if you want a head start on the competition, using a solution like Savi allows you to gain important insights from your POS data by combining it with video surveillance.

Savi’s integration capabilities make it easy to tie video to transactions—and improve data analysis. If you’re looking to streamline your operations and maximize in-store revenue, contact Savi today for a demo.

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