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#JustSaying: Why Our Monitoring Software Will Help You Close That Deal and Keep Them Coming Back

To formulate an effective sales strategy, you need concrete insights into what works and what doesn’t. Here’s why monitoring software can be a game changer.

To formulate an effective sales strategy, you need concrete insights into what works and what doesn’t. Likewise, to develop evidence-based statistics about successful promotion methods, best sellers, employee behavior, and popular shopping times, you need a reliable monitoring software solution.

For instance, trends may differ based on store location and the specific employees on shift. This information can help you identify behaviors and practices that drive sales—and those that are a cause for concern. Further, data-based intelligence assists in highlighting training gaps, guiding staff rosters, and promoting a safe environment for employees and customers. Savi’s advanced monitoring software solution goes far beyond simple CCTV footage. Thanks to the software’s ground-breaking features, restaurants, c-stores, and retailers have all seen a major improvement in their bottom line.

Monitoring software helps your bottom line
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Easier to Generate Income

Savi’s monitoring software doesn’t just make it easier for you to access video, POS, and sales data—its intelligent video analytics offers a valuable perspective by integrating surveillance and sales information for holistic operational tracking. This means you can view operational data nationwide, comparing statistics from store to store. Further, it’s possible to hone in on the actual employee executing the transactions—as well as the time of day or the products sold—to gain a more detailed perspective.

These software features allow you to identify the following:

  • Consumer trends in different locations
  • Peak business hours for optimal staffing
  • Promotional tactics that boost sales and those that don’t
  • Top-performing staff and behaviors that make them successful
  • Poorly performing staff and areas that require attention
  • Training gaps
  • Suspicious behavior
  • Unsafe work practices
  • High-traffic areas for optimized marketing and product displays
  • Waiting times and bottlenecks

Gaining insights into consumer behavior empowers you to strategically manage operations to make the most of every promotion, display, and sales opportunity at each store. On the other hand, a more in-depth look at employee behavior can guide effective training—including sales tactics that work. As a result, you can reward well-performing team members while reducing losses due to theft or poor work practices.

With Savi, you don’t have to watch hours of video footage and compare it with separate data to understand what’s driving or sinking store performance. The monitoring software automatically collects data while matching video, operational, and sales details. Moreover, it’s then presented in easy-to-understand (and interpret) charts, graphs, and tables for proactive, evidence-based decision-making.

A Gamechanger for FiiZ Franchisee

FiiZ Drinks managed to save thousands of dollars with Savi. After implementing the automated audit system, they quickly identified theft through stolen products, voids, and loyalty programs, which they would otherwise not have picked up. With customizable audit criteria, Savi clipped the relevant video and audio snippets—paired with POS transaction data and employee-specific behavior—so FiiZ managers didn’t have to watch hours of video footage. And even if they had watched all the footage, FiiZ still may not have picked up fraudulent activity that was processed as a transaction.

With these lost takings now accounted for, FiiZ says the platform has already paid for itself. Furthermore, they’re using the sales data regarding peak hours, conversion rates, popular items, and effective promotions to make strategic decisions—leading to increased revenue and improved operations.

monitoring software
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Number of Integrations

Imagine accessing all the information you need in one system with one login. Real-time rapid syncing ensures that every element of your integrated system remains updated. This improves agility and efficiency while enhancing accuracy and reducing errors. Savi currently offers 19 integrations, with more in the pipeline—for example, Revel, Mad Mobile, and Tabit.

These streamlined integrations helped R&R BBQ to simplify vendor management for their nationwide outlets. Previously, they had managed ongoing vendor services by using multiple platforms with different logins and contacts for alarms, access and lock systems, and security cameras—all across a variety of outlets. With Savi, they now deal with one company, one platform, and one contact, regardless of the location or vendor service.

Plug-and-Play Affordability

Although Savi’s monitoring software is proprietary, it can be used without any proprietary hardware. This gives you the best of both worlds. Firstly, you don’t need to change your entire monitoring or surveillance system to use Savi and access its benefits. This is an affordable option for companies that aren’t ready for an entire hardware overhaul, as they can simply integrate it with their current system. Further, this eliminates additional licensing fees.

Another advantage of using Savi’s software is that it will take care of all firmware updates and maintenance. That means you don’t need a dedicated IT team for setups or maintenance—another savvy cost-saving!

And because Savi integrates directly with your installed system, there’s less time to activation, plus easy plug-and-play use.

Partner and Customer Centric

The software as a service (SaaS) industry is often highly product-centric at the cost of being customer-centric. Savi understands that an excellent product, without excellent service, can be more of a pitfall than an asset. That’s why keeping monitoring software focused on our partners, and customers remain our key priority.

We offer access to Savi training resources to ensure each partner is successful in reaching their unique goals and solving security challenges. Moreover, as a Savi partner, you have ongoing support for efficient problem resolution, feature queries, and new integrations.

“What makes it overall for us has been the phenomenal customer service and people that we’ve worked with at Savi. They are extremely knowledgeable and jump through hoops to make things work. Multiple times they’ve assisted with needs we’ve had in an extremely timely and professional manner. We will be a long-term client of Savi.” Chad Fox -Director of Operations, R&R Stores

monitoring software
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Optimize Your Earnings With Savi’s Monitoring Software

Savi Solutions’ cloud-based monitoring software gives you insight into your nationwide operations anytime—from anywhere. Using a single login from any device, you can compare sales, conversions, promotion success, and peak hours and even drill right down to specific transactions and employee behaviors. With improved situational awareness, your team can respond proactively, thus optimizing sales and eliminating losses through theft and inefficient operations.

Savi adds countless hours to your week by undertaking all your data collection, analysis, and formatting of reports. It automatically clips relevant video and audio sections to match customized tracking, so you don’t have to filter through hours of footage.

With simple installation and plug-and-play functionality, your team can get on board quickly. Schedule a demo today and find out how you can simplify your operations, improve security, and effortlessly boost your bottom line.

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